Thursday, 1 March 2012

Examples of User Generated Content

Source: Cook, S (2008). The contribution revolution: letting volunteers build your business, Harvard Business Review 86/10 Pg 60-69
Everyday millions of people make voluntary contributions to businesses which creates value. Examples of this include;

  • Internavi from the Honda Motor Company is an example of a passive aggregate user contributed resource. It is a vehicle telematics service available to drivers in Japan. It provides mobile connectivity for on-demand traffic information services and internet provided maps displayed inside select Honda vehicles.
  • Wikipedia and YouTube are example of active aggregates content, if users do not contribute then the sites will be empty or become quickly out of date. 
  • Examples of active aggregates for sale include the eBay online marketplace, Google AdWords and Craigslist. This is where users actively contribute to the site and also provide the products for sale. 
  • Amazons product recommendations use buyer behaviour to passively aggregate data.