Thursday, 16 February 2012

Critique of Daniel et al (2001) Towards a map of marketing information systems: an inductive study

The article by Daniels et al (2001) proposes an outline process map of marketing (as seen above) which is used as a basis for a map of IS applications in marketing. I found it very useful as there are a number of features of the marketing function which result in distinct requirements for IS suuport (Leverick et al.,1998).

The map of marketing domain proposed by Daniels et al (2001) is a very useful map and seems to cover all the areas of marketing. It is a good basis for the map of IS applications in marketing (as seen below).

However the study is not perfect and the methodology could have been improved. The case companies used are arguably not broad enough (as seen in the table below). There is no case company fromt he resource industry and the use of the Business School as the CRM application could maybe be better suited to a hotel company as they are the major industry that uses CRM.

Article Reference

Elizabeth Daniel, Hugh Wilson, Malcolm McDonald, (2003) "Towards a map of marketing information systems: an inductive study", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 37 Iss: 5/6, pp.821 - 847

Available on Emerald here

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