Thursday, 23 February 2012

Electronic Word of Mouth eWOM

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The search product I am using to find eWOM about is the Samsung Galaxy S2. The first example of eWOM I have found is a blog post from @gregjroberts on his web site The post is available here. This review is very positive and seems to be fairly respectable and reliable. I think consumers would respect gregs opinion as he is neutral and has a knoweldge of mobile phones and technology without really being an expert. The second example of eWOM about the Samsung Galaxy S2 is from Tech Radar and is available here. This review is well written and has this video included in its review. The consumer may be put off by the professionalism of the review as online consumers give higher credibility and relevance to customers than marker-created sources. They prefer reviews by fellow consumers such as Gregs above. The third example of eWOM I have about the Samsung Galaxy S2 is this youtube review from This is a consumer based independent review for an independent consumer web site and therefore I believe will have a lot of sway on online consumers. The final example of eWOM is from Amazon it has a technical and professional review as well as customer reviews below. This seems like the perfect use of eWOm as it also uses the highly effective recommendation systems.

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  1. Very interesting blog post (And thanks for the link!) - what is interesting, in my case is probably the perspective, as i was a maemo/meego man, and not an android man, unfortunately the geeky side shows through, but was pleasantly surprised! nice to see blog posts are noticed and hopefully viewed :) (Greg - noobmonkey)