Thursday, 23 February 2012

email Marketing

In class today we watched an online seminar by Steve Lomax from the TFM&A show which looked at email marketing. It contained a case study on Boden and discussed the use of social media to enhance email marketing. The online seminar is available to view here. It showed the large role that personalisation and segmentation play in email marketing. The level of customisation that sophisticated email marketing can allow is a very potent tool.

Here is a maketing e-mail I recently received from which I will now critically evaluate. Firstly I think the e-mail is quite effective as I usually open the e-mails from Late Rooms. I think this is down to the fact that Late Rooms is a web site that provides bargains on last minute booking of hotels. I read it to check if there are any deals for the weekend etc. I receive e-mails from Late Rooms weekly on a Wednesday, this is very regular but is not too intrusive and does not become too much of an annoyance.

The email has a personal greeting and if you click it on it you are logged in automatically to your account. It is also personalised to similar hotels and locations that I have booked in the past. The email also includes a special deal of the month, which this month is a 4* hotel reduced from £149 a night to £39 a night. This is a very tempting deal and I think a monthly deal is highly effective. The email also has a competition in it which you can enter for free if you complete a survey for Late Rooms. This allows Late Rooms to collect valuable eCRM data at no cost.

The email also has links to Late Rooms facebook and twitter accounts. This is another tool which Late Rooms can utilise to market products. the email also has a section that says "To ensure that your emails arrive in your inbox, just add to your safe folder, address book or list of approved email addresses." This is a good idea as it will mean that their emails will not be blocked by spam filters. To conclude I think that Late Rooms email marketing strategy is effective and they are a good example to other companies in how to run email marketing campaigns.

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